Report a Claim

What to Do?

Most claims will not require immediate attention from the insurance company and can be reported to Bell & Grant Insurance during normal business hours by telephone only: Call us at (902) 429-4150.

However, if you are facing a serious situation and are not able to wait for normal business hours, you should refer to your pink liability card or insurance policy which may provide a telephone number where a claim can be reported.

For serious emergency Property claims only, you can call Marsh Adjustment Bureau at 1-800-290-0886.


Our Internal Claim Process

At Bell & Grant we recognize the serious hardship of claims and the financial impact they have on your business. Our Claims Department, working with adjusters, assists you in reporting and handling the claim. The objective in the claims process is to minimize the loss impact while maximizing the speed of handling.

We monitor all claims through our Claims Department on an ongoing basis. Our procedure on major accounts is to compile, at least annually, a detailed list of all paid and outstanding insurance losses. This report, done on an individual class basis (liability, auto, property, boiler and machinery, etc.) includes the cause of the loss and the amount paid or outstanding so that an overall Loss Ratio (premium vs. claims) can be developed with this information. We assist our clients in determining an acceptable level of self-insured retention.

We receive claims information and route it to proper parties. We also co-ordinate claims between insurers, appointed adjuster/surveyors and claimant(s) and co-operate with lawyers in matters of dispute. In such instances, we are prepared to negotiate with insurance company management in an attempt to avoid lengthy and costly litigation.

Claims records detailing cause, location and amount paid will be supplied to you on request. Our overall focus is to assist you throughout the claims process, from the initial reporting to the final resolution of the claim.

If you require any additional information

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